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13 Optimistic Fantasies to Chase Away the Grimdark Blues
18 HRS AGO - Grimdark fantasy is great, but sometimes (especially when the summer sun is just around the Expand
Is Star Trek: Picard Basically Just seaQuest DSV For a New Generation?
21 HRS AGO - Look, I am excited as anyone to see Patrick Stewart play Jean-Luc Picard again. But I have some Expand
Friday Fiction: Stability Matrix
1 DAY AGO - Tuning in… LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, may I have your attention, please?! You’ve been patient! You’ve Expand
4 Questions Raised By the New Star Trek Picard Teaser Trailer
1 DAY AGO - Rejoice for Jean-Luc Picard is back on our screens! And… he’s not doing so great. Now Expand
John Carter and the Origins of Science Fiction Adventure: A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs
1 DAY AGO - In this bi-weekly series reviewing classic science fiction and fantasy books, Alan Brown looks at Expand
Oathbringer Reread: Chapter Seventy-Eight
1 DAY AGO - This week on the Oathbringer Reread, Aubree and I will be taking a disturbing journey into the Expand
Read an Excerpt from Last Tango in Cyberspace
2 DAYS AGO - Hard to say when the human species fractured exactly. Harder to say when this new talent arrived. Expand
Longer Sweepstakes
2 DAYS AGO - In Longer, Michael Blumlein explores dauntingly epic topics—love, the expanse of the human Expand
Read an Excerpt from The Sol Majestic
2 DAYS AGO - Kenna, an aspirational teen guru, wanders destitute across the stars as he tries to achieve his Expand
Aladdin Updates the Original in a Meaningful Way
19 HRS AGO - It seems that in the pantheon of Disney’s never-ending live-action (or Expand
Our 6 Favorite Stories of Being Tossed Into Space
22 HRS AGO - There’s something to be said for fearless starship crews, led by charismatic captains, who Expand
Read an Excerpt from Fireborne, Start of a New YA Fantasy Series
1 DAY AGO - Annie and Lee were just children when a brutal revolution changed their world, giving Expand
Star Trek: Picard Releases Its First Trailer!
1 DAY AGO - Where is Jean-Luc Picard following the events of his canonical appearance in Star Trek: Nemesis? Expand
Sarah Connor Did Not Come Here to Play in First Trailer for Terminator: Dark Fate
1 DAY AGO - We’ve had a slew of very odd Terminator films in recent years, but never fear… Sarah Expand
This Website Compiles Every Single Wall Calendar Dedicated to Tolkien and Lord of the Rings
2 DAYS AGO - The old (okay, not that old) adage would seem to be true—you can find anything on the internet. Expand
8 SFF Characters that Embody the Green Man
2 DAYS AGO - The forest calls to us. It is at once breathtaking and mystical, yet foreboding and dangerous. We Expand
Game of Thrones Asks What Kinds of Stories Ultimately Matter
2 DAYS AGO - It borders on cliché that writers tend to metadiscursively tout the importance of storytelling at Expand
Into The Spider-Verse: Spectacular And Better
3 DAYS AGO - Into The Spider-Verse Is A Masterpiece Considering the movie already won an Oscar, I don’t think I Expand
“Is that the best you can do?” — Sin City
20 HRS AGO - By 1991, Frank Miller could pretty much write his own ticket in the comics industry. He almost Expand
The Sad But Inevitable Trend Toward Forgotten SF
23 HRS AGO - I ran my “Young People Read Old SF” review series for about three years. Although it’s currently Expand
Heart on Fire: The Candle and the Flame by Nafiza Azad
1 DAY AGO - Fourteen years ago, a heartbroken Ifrit (djinn drawn to order) found a dying girl in the desert Expand
Living in Hope is a Discipline: Fire Logic by Laurie J. Marks
1 DAY AGO - Seventeen years after Tor’s original publication of the first Elemental Logic novel, Fire Logic, Expand
Five Books with POV Characters Who Don’t See Eye-to-Eye
1 DAY AGO - I’m a lifelong devotee of speculative fiction, and I spent my childhood reading broadly across Expand
Avoiding Angles is Still Harder Than it Sounds: Adam Gauntlett’s “New Build”
2 DAYS AGO - Welcome back to the Lovecraft reread, in which two modern Mythos writers get girl cooties all over Expand
Defending Kylara: Dragonquest, Part Three
2 DAYS AGO - Sure, Impressing a dragon and becoming one of the dragonriders of Pern might seem like the Expand
Revealing Sisters of the Vast Black by Lina Rather
2 DAYS AGO - The sisters of the Order of Saint Rita captain their living ship into the reaches of space in Lina Expand



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