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Galaxy Quest series still in works at Amazon
6 HRS AGO - Never give up, never surrender! The Galaxy Quest series based on the 1999 movie has been in Expand
Obi-Wan Kenobi Standalone Star Wars Film in the Works
13 HRS AGO - According to The Hollywood Reporter, Obi-Wan Kenobi is the next Star Wars character to get a Expand
I Never Fight: In Other Lands by Sarah Rees Brennan
15 HRS AGO - In Other Lands by Sarah Rees Brennan is a stand-alone portal fantasy in which the reader follows Expand
Till the World Burns: The Stone Sky by N. K. Jemisin
17 HRS AGO - Sometimes you only see how special something is when you look back at it later. Sometimes that Expand
Adventure Beneath Our Feet: Tarzan at the Earth’s Core by Edgar Rice Burroughs
19 HRS AGO - In this bi-weekly series reviewing classic science fiction and fantasy books, Alan Brown looks at Expand
Five Classic Works of SFF by Authors We Must Not Forget
1 DAY AGO - Science fiction and fantasy have been around for centuries. Millennia, depending on which criteria Expand
The Galleon is Out of Control: Inflation in the World of Harry Potter
1 DAY AGO - The world of Harry Potter is one that is rich, complex, and detailed. J.K. Rowling made it that Expand
How Tove Jansson Can Change Your Life
1 DAY AGO - Tove Jansson’s books are full of what self-help books call “life lessons.” But the lessons, such Expand
“Live as One of Them, Kal-El” — The Christopher Reeve Superman Movies
2 DAYS AGO - In the early 1970s, the Salkinds—son Ilya and father Alexander—acquired the rights to do a Expand
Obi-Wan film in development for next Star Wars anthology film
7 HRS AGO - Rumor no more…Disney/Lucasfilm is developing an Obi-Wan-centric movie to be the third Expand
Seeking Out Creepy Ceramics
13 HRS AGO - In this ongoing series, we ask SF/F authors to describe a specialty in their lives that has Expand
How Can We Make the Good Omens TV Series Even More Perfect?
15 HRS AGO - The adaptation of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s Good Omens is picking up steam! We Expand
Remade Bodies and Surreal Spaces: Where to Start With the Work of Jeff VanderMeer
17 HRS AGO - Some writers straddle genres, but Jeff VanderMeer’s fiction seems bound and determined to Expand
N.K. Jemisin’s The Fifth Season TV Adaptation in Development
1 DAY AGO - TNT is bringing N.K. Jemisin’s Hugo Award-winning fantasy novel The Fifth Season to Expand
You Had Me At “Queer Demon Hunters”: Margaret Killjoy’s The Lamb Will Slaughter The Lion
1 DAY AGO - GAAAAAAHHHHHH!! Margaret Killjoy’s The Lamb Will Slaughter the Lion, y’all. I mean. I can’t even. Expand
The Great Stephen King Reread: Just After Sunset
1 DAY AGO - It wasn’t just novels. In the early 2000s, Stephen King seemed existentially exhausted. Expand
Diana Wynne Jones Subverted Fantasy Even as She Celebrated It
1 DAY AGO - Diana Wynne Jones never quite took her fantasies seriously. Any time she had the chance to subvert Expand
Rereading Frank Herbert’s Dune: Children of Dune, Part Five
2 DAYS AGO - This week we’re going to get caught in a trapvine by a very old friend who we should have seen Expand
Oscar Wilde’s The Nightingale and the Rose
12 HRS AGO - In fact, she is like most artists; she is all style, without any sincerity. She would not Expand
How Randyll Tarly Answers Game of Thrones’ Most Baffling Question
14 HRS AGO - Randyll Tarly is not the nicest person on Game of Thrones. He named his son Dickon. He bullied his Expand
Warbreaker Reread: Chapter 58 and Epilogue
16 HRS AGO - Welcome back to the Warbreaker reread! Last week, everyone was either rescued or died to save Expand
10 Anime Films You Should See Before You Die
18 HRS AGO - One of the most surprising, and gratifying, things that has happened since I started my blog, Tim Expand
Step 1, Fake Own Death; Step 3, Profit: H.P. Lovecraft and Duane Rimel’s “The Disinterment”
1 DAY AGO - Welcome back to the Lovecraft reread, in which two modern Mythos writers get girl cooties all over Expand
Finding Your Way in the World: Kiki’s Delivery Service and Whisper of the Heart
1 DAY AGO - Studio Ghibli is known for making coming-of-age films, and for films with complex female Expand
Listen to Steal the Stars Episode 3: “Turndown Service”
1 DAY AGO - Steal the Stars is the story of Dakota Prentiss and Matt Salem, two government employees guarding Expand
Centenal Cycle Prize Pack Sweepstakes!
2 DAYS AGO - Null States, the second book in Malka Older's Centenal Cycle, is available September 19th from Expand



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